Sharing our Stories

There are many challenges facing women within society today.  Three of the challenges that have been identified and will be covered within the scope of this project include; corporate, social and emotional glass ceilings.  These “ceilings”, whether external or internal in nature, have negative implications that can result in women performing below their capacity and preventing them from reaching their full potential.  Sharing female perspectives about encounters with glass ceilings and how one navigated through them, can prove both insightful and inspirational to those who are looking to learn from others, or those who may find themselves in similar situations.  By bringing awareness to some of the invisible adversities impacting women today, we can hopefully encourage change and improve women’s chances of success in the future.  Men also have an opportunity within this project to share their personal stories about how they have actively chosen to support women and/or our next generation to make a positive contribution and difference in the world.

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