Magical Unicorn Project

About The Magical Unicorn Project

Kyra Wong is the brainchild behind The Magical Unicorn Project -a movement to help women succeed both professionally and personally, by being viewed as equals and treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

Kyra is bringing her keen determination and boundless energy to this passion project. And she’s inviting other women – and men who support the success of women – to bring their sparkle, sprinkles of pixie dust and brilliance as the true stars throughout this journey.

Kyra will infuse this initiative with the fun and charm for which she’s best known, with the single goal of this movement being the betterment of women. Her wish is to celebrate and cheer women on as they move towards living purposeful, successful and empowered lives.

Kyra truly is one-part corporate business woman and one-part free-spirited magical unicorn determined to make a difference.