Kyra Wong

About Kyra Wong

Kyra Wong is a Vancouver-based vice president at Manulife and an advocate for equality, diversity, inclusion and helping support the advancement of women and minorities in leadership roles.

Unconventional and undeterred, Kyra is fearless when it comes to pursuing her passions in unique and memorable ways. She has mastered the art of engaging people using an innovative style, infusing passion with a sense of fun to connect on a higher level.

Well known for picking themes for her presentations, Kyra has transformed into a host of entertaining characters to help get her important messages across to a broad spectrum of audience members within the mortgage industry. While costumes empower Kyra to express her creativity, there’s always a method to her madness and her themes include structured, poignant details that she delivers in a knowledgeable and impactful way.

Kyra embarked upon her most passionate creation in early 2018 when she officially launched the Magical Unicorn Project to help inspire more women and minorities to become leaders, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. She fully believes that everyone should enjoy equality regardless of gender, skin colour or whom they choose to love.

Kyra began appearing as her magical unicorn persona within the financial industry knowing full well that her actions would draw judgement, raised eyebrows and even some criticism. Still, she put herself out there confident that she would also spur new conversations and provoke curiosity. The adversity she has had to overcome in her life has prepared her to be a courageous advocate, purposefully moving ahead in a direction where no man, woman or unicorn has gone before.

The Magical Unicorn Project movement includes a vision for living life with higher awareness and humanity, encouraging supporters to centre their values around kindness, gratitude and inclusiveness. S.P.A.R.K.L.E. is the magical unicorn philosophy for creating a truly empowered and successful life by actively choosing to live with higher consciousness.

Kyra was proudly named a Woman of Influence by CMP Magazine in 2015, 2016 and 2018. She became a Bestselling Author in 2018 and was the Keynote Speaker for the Global Women’s Alliance – where the theme was: “Be Bold, Be Authentic, Be You”. She’s also honoured to be recognized with the 2019 WIMI Ambassador Award.