Social Glass Ceilings

Social glass ceilings reflect the significant challenges women face in the world regarding the kinds of behaviour and treatment society deems acceptable towards them. Almost all women at some point in their lives, would have to admit to having experienced one or more of the following: blatant or subtle sexism, discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault. While some of us may feel grateful when we think of our lives in comparison to the lives of other women around the world, by no means should we be satisfied with the status quo. Of all the glass ceilings explored within this project, the issue of social glass ceilings is undoubtedly the hardest one to consider, as it involves intimate and personal violations against women in some form or another. By collectively sharing our stories, may we shine a bright light on the injustice issues women experience as part of their daily lives. The goal is to bring a healthy dose of awareness to this topic and highlight the magnitude of the problem, so we can proactively and determinedly encourage positive change across the world.

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