Corporate Glass Ceilings

A corporate glass ceiling is the unseen, unacknowledged and yet seemingly unbreakable barrier that prevents qualified women from advancing to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder.  In many professions, both corporate and otherwise, women have experienced significant challenges and adversity in their pursuit of advancement.  While women have seen some progress over the years, the gains that have been made up until now have been disappointing at best, and without question not enough.  By having more women successfully reach the highest-level positions we will create working environments with more fairness and equality for everyone.  Empowered women are encouraged to share their stories regarding their experiences and the personal struggles that they have had to encounter in their journey towards advancement.  The goal is to promote more awareness around the imbalance of power and lack of equality currently impacting women in the workplace and encourage positive change so women can advance and succeed in the future.

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