The Vision

The Vision for creating The Magical Unicorn Project is to help women live empowered, successful lives and unlock their full potential, within a society that treats them with fairness, equality and respect.

The journey to reach this goal comes with the understanding that there are significant challenges facing women within society today. Challenges that keep women down. Addressing some of these key issues is the necessary first step towards helping women advance and succeed in the world. Three issues that have been identified and will be covered through this project are corporate glass ceilings, social glass ceilings and emotional glass ceilings.

As part of the initiative for 2018 there will be a series of interviews conducted that showcase a variety of inspiring and amazing people.

There are 3 different categories of Magical Unicorns who will be featured for the interviews. The categories include: ‘Leading Ladies’, ‘Go Givers’ and ‘Supporting Men’.

The hope is that these candid conversations will inspire and encourage women everywhere, so that they feel empowered to reach for the stars, reach their full potential and create their own purposeful, magical lives…. lives that will always be filled with S.P.A.R.K.L.E.


Corporate Glass Ceilings

Inspiring women to live empowered lives is the goal but addressing the key issues that keep women down is where the journey will begin.

Earlier this year, a comprehensive study was published called, “Women in the Workplace – 2017” (McKinsey & Company). Two broad themes emerged: women are still underrepresented and they face real barriers to advancement.

The study highlighted how much further we need to go to foster gender equality.

Social Glass Ceilings

In addition to gender issues, there are also injustice issues women experience, regarding the kinds of behaviour and treatment society deems acceptable towards them.

Thousands of women took to social media recently after being encouraged to write, “#metoo” if they have ever experienced inappropriate, sexually harassing behavior. The goal was to give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

This outpouring of honesty and vulnerability from women everywhere and from all walks of life was both powerful and painful to witness.

At the same time, it was clearly evident how hard this was for the many good men out there who were watching all of this unfold around them.

Emotional Glass Ceilings

Beyond corporate glass ceilings and social challenges though, many women also suffer from “emotional” glass ceilings. These internal ceilings reflect the limitations that have been created from within the minds of women themselves.

They can happen for a variety of reasons but often stem from deep childhood wounds or other negative experiences that have occurred at some point in their lives. The pain from these wounds can morph into inaccurate belief systems held close to their hearts, which can keep women down and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Living with Higher Consciousness

At this moment in time, it seems evident that a shift in consciousness is starting to occur around us and we have an opportunity now more than ever to be advocates for change. Strong female leaders need to be more outspoken, to create a society where women can feel safe, supported and respected as equals. Important equally, is the need for strong, evolved male leaders speaking out on these issues too. Numerous women who have climbed the corporate ladder in their industry did so by not only working hard but also by having the support of good men in “senior positions”. Upward corporate advancement for women will be accelerated with the support of men. Let’s smash through these corporate glass ceilings together. And as social consciousness continues to rise, men will further contribute by helping create the respectful environments that women need to succeed.

Men who live with higher social consciousness will join in this movement and support women as they smash through social glass ceilings too.

As for emotional glass ceilings, women need to take an honest look within themselves and be willing to address any limiting belief systems they carry within that have ultimately kept them down. By encouraging women to be strong, fearless and embrace their inner power, we can smash through emotional glass ceilings.

So, what does this have to do with Magical Unicorns? Well, whether you’re dealing with corporate, social or emotional glass ceilings, whatever the struggle life presents, it’s always good to go in with a positive attitude, trust in your vision and believe in your ability to make *Magic* happen.

One doesn’t have to look any further than Walt Disney for inspiration.

Walt believed that dreams do come true if you believe. And by simply believing, you can do the seemingly impossible. Dumbo flew by holding a magic feather and Pinocchio became a real boy! Not only did Walt work hard to make the world a better place, he understood that improving lives and helping people is what counts. By using his imagination, surrounding himself with wonderful people and sprinkling pixie dust on everything, he created the happiest place on Earth. The Magic Kingdom.

The Magical Unicorn Project has a similar approach

It believes in magic and pixie dust and making a vision come true by moving forward collectively with positive, focused intention. No matter how big the challenge before us, the adversity can be overcome by believing the impossible is possible. And when you approach a challenge in a different way, you get a different result.

If the goal is to help empower women to smash through glass ceilings, why not do it with a Magical unicorn horn? It has never been done before so it could very well work! It’s well known that those who think outside of the box are a minority, and those who “look” outside of the box are an even smaller minority. The smallest minority are the unconventional few who also colour outside of the box of expectation, undeterred by the masses. With a unique approach, great things can be accomplished. Together as women and men, it’s possible to create a magical place in the world where fairness, equality and respect exists for all women. Like Disney, the success of this project is possible but requires the support of many wonderful people to make it happen.

The Magical Unicorn Project also includes a vision for living life with higher awareness and humanity. S.P.A.R.K.L.E is the magical unicorn approach for creating a truly empowered and successful life by actively choosing to live with higher consciousness. Everyone is encouraged to embrace this philosophy and show up in the world living with S.P.A.R.K.L.E. This acronym was created with inspiration from Robin Sharma & Darren Hardy. This is what S.P.A.R.K.L.E. stands for:

The Magical Unicorns

Those who live a life of S.P.A.R.K.L.E. ARE the Magical Unicorns. They’re often leaders and inspiring people too. The Magical Unicorn Project will have open, interesting and candid conversations with some of these very people through a series of interviews.

Anyone who has soared to great heights in life has had to overcome significant amounts of adversity.

We will explore the highs, the lows, the struggles, the successes and the hard-fought battles that were won and lost along the way. Everything that went into “growing” someone into the person that they are today. By collectively gathering and sharing these personal journeys and perspectives, the hope is that everyone can take away something of value and be inspired to reach their full potential in their own lives.

Leading Ladies

The 1st category (Leading Ladies) – women who have climbed to great heights in their careers despite the challenges. Women we can learn from and who can inspire other women so that they too can reach their full potential. These women include (but are not limited to): chief economists, CEOs, politicians, entrepreneurs running highly successful businesses, etc.

Go Givers

The 2nd category (Go Givers) – Are women who have overcome a heavy dose of adversity in their lives but took that adversity and turned it into an opportunity to do more, give more, and positively contribute to the world in some meaningful or beautiful way.

Supporting Men

The 3rd category- (Supporting Men) – There are wonderful men in the world doing incredibly good deeds. They might be helping women or children, helping people in need, helping people who are suffering …. but whatever they’re doing, they’re making a powerful, positive contribution and it makes a difference.